Saturday, February 12, 2011

I need Help

Hi all blogger's out there that might be able to help me out..
I have been purchasing Digi Stamps and I print them but when I go to colour (with copic's) the ink runs..
Is there a special kind of ink I should have in my printer or do I need a laser printer??
I also like to water colour is this possible with digi's and if so how and what ink do I need for that in my printer???
I have a cheap a Hp printer not the dearest one..
Please help me so I can play with my Digi's:(
That's for your time..
Cheers Vicki


Sammi said...

Hi Vicki :D
You can use a laser printer... or an inkjet that has dye based ink... I have an Epson and when we bought it we made sure it was one of their ones with dye based ink...
Hope that helps!

Mary J said...

Hi Vicki! I have dye based ink printer and that works fine with my alcohol pens like Copics and ProMarkers. You can use a hairdryer to dry the ink - it helps to "fix" the ink so less likely to smear.

Watercolouring printed images may be a problem if you use an Inkjet printers - take a look at this article which may be useful...

Hope that helps!