Monday, November 24, 2008

Jet's first santa photo

Saturday morning was take your dog to the shopping centre to get a photo with Santa. I couldn't resist not doing it so we got up early gave Jet a quick bath & went down to get his photo taken. We waited about 30min in line to get our photo & I think apart from Jet there was only 3 big dogs, the rest where foxy's or small & fluffy. As we got close to Santa I saw him turn around (Santa) to see what dogs where coming up & look on his face when he saw Jet was priceless I wish I had a camera. It was Finlay our turn & trying to get Jet to sit, stand still, look but don't walk was very challenging & poor Santa trying to avoid the droll ( which I thought was minimal) I just thought to myself why do I do these things. After all this the line up to receive our photo was another 40min, I was so proud of Jet he had people taking his photo, patting him, trolleys going past, other digs sniffing where they shouldn't.
Here is our photo of Jet Ethan & Charlotte with Santa

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