Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Become a Demonstrator in May for $150


In celebration of National Scrapbooking Month, join Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator for only $150 with our limited-time Scrapbooking Starter Kit. The Scrapbooking Starter Kit contains the following:

Item Code Description  Retail Value
112231Schoolbook Serif Alphabet stamp set* $77.95
113059Simply Scrappin' Petal Party $36.95
108697Earth Elements Assorted textured card stock (12" x 12") $21.95
105216Pumpkin Pie Classic Stampin' Pad $11.95
103179Craft & Rubber Scissors $37.95

*Substitutable for any stamp set up to $77.95 value. 
Please note: Each of the products listed above may be substituted for like items.  Please see the Scrapbooking Starter Kit Order Form for details.
The Scrapbooking Starter Kit also contains all the business supplies contained in the standard Starter Kit:
  • Getting Started DVD
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Guest Invitation Postcard (100)
  • Idea Book & Catalogue (8)
  • To My Hostess Envelope (10)
  • Project Sample Sheet
  • Recruit Brochures (10)
  • Hostess Benefits Form (10)
  • Customer Order Form (50)
This Scrapbooking Starter Kit promotion is only till 31st May 2009 so if you would like to know more about this great offer you can contact me on my email on . This is a great offer $180 worth of prouduct for $150 & once you become a demonstrator you get 20% off all SU! items, this is a great way to start your own buisness work, the hours that suit you or just to have 20% off this great product. To find out more information about becoming a Demonstrator click here .                          


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