Thursday, July 8, 2010


Bookmarks.. After my sister saw my daughter Michaela's bookmark here on my blog, a request was put in for one of her own & one for her daughter as she knew that's where hers would end up if I didn't...
Deanna having two daughters that means three bookmarks.I have finished two of three, yours will be made on the weekend I hope Em...
So the one with Betty is for my sister Deanna & Tinkabell is for Katelin.
Deanna's has hanging red & black beads, this is one of my first attempts I will post more soon I am going to try some Twilight inspired ones. Who knew beads would be so fun to make.. I have them hanging on every thing now from my phone, bags, wallet, & my daughter who started me on them also has them attached to everything, as she was the one who got me started..


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Kylie said...

Hey, I found them. They're gorgeous Vic. Love Tink! I must've given you some inspiration. I've sold some charms on my blog today. I was so excited. Love it!

hugs, Kylie xo